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Emily Grace Goodrich

Peach Moonstone and 14k Gold-Filled Wire-Wrapped Necklace

Peach Moonstone and 14k Gold-Filled Wire-Wrapped Necklace

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The necklace is 37cm (15 inches) long and adjusts to 40cm (16 inches) or 43cm (17 inches)

Do you know the difference between gold-plating and gold fill? In plating, a base metal is electrochemically coated with a precious metal, such as gold. Plating is usually only 0.5-1 microns thick- which is only .0005-.001 of a millimeter thick! Gold fill pressure-bonds an actual layer of gold to the outside of a metal- usually higher quality jeweller's brass. It's 1/20th the thickness of the item, which means it can be anywhere from 5-100 microns thick! While gold-plating usually wears off pretty quickly- gold fill, when taken care of, can last decades!

TLDR: Gold-fill wire and findings (WAY better than gold plating), peach moonstone gemstones, 37 - 40 cm (16-17")



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