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Emily Grace Goodrich

Aventurine and Sterling Silver Dorothy Studs

Aventurine and Sterling Silver Dorothy Studs

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Discover Handmade Warmth: Upgrade to Green Aventurine Sterling Silver Dorothy Studs from Beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada

Indulge in the captivating allure of these charming Green Aventurine Sterling Silver Dorothy Studs, handcrafted by Emily Grace Goodrich. Elevate your accessory game by upgrading from silver-plated fast-fashion earrings to a pair that will gracefully stand the test of time.

Each pair features genuine 6mm round green aventurine gemstones, skillfully set in sterling silver. Green aventurine, formed deep within the Earth over time, represents an essence of luck and opportunity. Composed of quartz interspersed with fuchsite, mica, and other minerals, green aventurine's unique structure grants it the ability to reflect and refract light, creating its signature shimmering appearance. Symbolizing growth, abundance, and positivity, green aventurine adds a meaningful touch to your style.

Embrace the essence of independent artistry and add a touch of crafted elegance to your look. Your journey to unique beauty begins here. Shop now and treat yourself or a loved one to the warmth of handcrafted jewelry, upgraded elegance, and the symbolic significance of green aventurine.

Includes both sterling silver wing nut and secure rubber backings.



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