Craft Nights

Over the years, I've held on to far too many craft supplies. I don't want to get rid of them - I bought them for a reason! But I'm not using them on my own. So let's use them together. These are not "classes," in that I do not consider myself an expert in any of these things. Just somebody who has a pile of stuff and is happy to share it.

$30 covers a cocktail or mocktail, a snack, and most materials needed. Please eat a light dinner beforehand. Located in North Park, Victoria, BC.


Thursday, July 25, 6-8:30 pm
Sculpey Earrings

Last Christmas, my husband bought me a gift card to Opus, and I spent it all on Sculpey polymer clay. And then I didn't use any of it. Come make tiny things to put on earring hooks!

Sign-up for sculpey earrings night.

(No photo because I've never done this before but I'll probably make tiny fruit and I'll also have those little shape-cutters for people who aren't crafty)

Thursday, August 22, 6-8:30 pm
Linoleum Block Printing

In 2010, I went through a major block-printing phase. It's over now, but I still have the press and the carving tools - and lots of blocks! Also, the ink is not dried up yet. Bring whatever paper you'd like to print on (suggestion blank 5x6 notecards). I've got a holiday card, valentine's, father's day, new baby congratulations, and some other weirdos. We'll also use erasers to make mini-stamps that you can take with you.

Sign-up for linoleum block printing night.


Thursday, September 19, 6-8:30 pm

Once I bought a whole bunch of embroidery thread, and then made one thing, and then... that was it. It turned out pretty well, so I can probably give you some level of instruction. I've also got lots of beads and sequins you can use to snazz things up. You'll get a mini embroidery hoop and a pieces of fabric, plus thread. If you're terrible at drawing and don't like abstract, please bring an inspiration image to trace that is 4-5 inches tall/wide. This will take way longer than 2.5 hours to finish, so I'll be sure to send you home with extra thread.

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