Illustrated drawing of the artist wearing safety goggles and holding a soldering torch. Her hair up in a bun and her eyebrows are raised to the viewer.

All of my jewellery is handmade in my Victoria, BC studio from consciously sourced metals and gemstones. Where possible, I purchase silver and precious metals from a processor who prioritizes using recycled materials. My gemstones are ethically sourced or purchased from small independent lapidary artists. 

Outside of stacking rings and studs, most pieces are one of a kind, or feature gemstones that vary in their natural colour, patterning, and texture. I love learning about new stones, how they are formed, and the places they come from.

I am the designer, marketer, shipper, maker, and artist behind this one-woman shop and I love working with customers who value the care and time that goes into handmade treasures. 


I am an artist and designer mostly from San Diego, California. After almost a decade working with various organizations that support female makers in Kampala, Uganda, my Canadian husband convinced me to land in Victoria, BC with my scrappy Ugandan rescue dog Neville. When I'm not at my day job, I make jewelry and freelance as a designer with an organization that provides holistic employment opportunities to women escaping human trafficking. In previous versions of life, I have been an art major, a barista, a preschool teacher, a data entry analyst, a shopgirl, and even once had a temporary gig putting sticker labels on VHS tapes.

I love road trips through the desert and along the coast, train rides, finding cool stuff in the alley, farmers markets and local restaurants, and connecting with makers of all different threads. In addition to making jewellery, I enjoy drawing, writing, photography, sewing, woodworking, and generally any other craft that will make an absolute disaster of my workspace. My favorite things are traveling, mossy places, thunderstorms, documentaries, cooking for other people, making, and books.

photo by Lindsey Platt