This pietersite stone is absolutely stunning, reminiscent of a storm brewing over southwestern mesas. It's set in a jeweller's brass bezel and paired with a unique 14k gold filled chain. 

Pietersite is a variety of quartz composed of tiger's eye, hawk's eye, and jasper. It is also known as tempest stone, because of the way the swirling colours resemble a storm. 

14k gold-fill is a high-quality affordable alternative to 14k gold, which involves pressure-bonding a thin layer of real gold to a base-metal core. The brass pendant is polished to a high shine and unlike gold-plating, won't flake or wear away. When it darkens with exposure to oxygen, it can be easily re-polished to a high shine that mimics the look of gold. Includes care instructions and a sample polishing cloth. 

Pietersite Pendant in Brass and 14k Gold-Fill

SKU: PN-BR-001